Argay Terrace Neighborhood Sale 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Argay Terrace Neighborhood Sale sponsored by the Argay Terrace Neighborhood Association.  Sale Dates are August 4th, 5th and 6th.  Sale Times are from 9:00am to 4:00pm. However, not all sales will be open all days and times.  Below you will find a map which shows a flag for the location of each sale followed by a list of the addresses of participating homes.  Please enjoy your tour through our neighborhood.  Good hunting; we hope you find something you really need as well as treasures you can’t live without. 

**For a PDF Copy to Print Click This Link**

Garage Sale Map 2017 jpg.jpg

12835 NE Rose Pkwy
3253 NE 130th Ave
3220 NE 133rd Ave
3145 NE 133rd Ave
14258 NE Failing St
3630 NE 133rd Ave
3634 NE 138th Ave
13707 NE Rose Pkwy
14038 NE Rose Pkwy
3910 NE 143rd Ave

14221 NE Rose Pkwy
14441 NE Rose Pkwy
13717 NE Fremont St
14151 NE Fremont St
14329 NE Fremont St
13748 NE Klickitat Ct
4419 NE 131st Pl
13909 NE Milton St
3949 NE 135th Ave
14317 NE Siskiyou Ct

13911 NE Klickitat Ct
3650 NE 138th Ave
4021 NE 129th Pl
3805 NE 136th Pl
3412 NE 132nd Ave
13606 NE Fremont Ct
14343 NE Siskiyou Ct
13131 NE Fremont St