Shaver Elementary School in Argay Terrace on NE 131st Ave.

Shaver Elementary School in Argay Terrace on NE 131st Ave.

Basketball court and field at Shaver Elementary School.

Basketball court and field at Shaver Elementary School.

Argay Terrace Schools

The Parkrose School District serves the major portion of the Argay Terrace Neighborhood from NE 122nd Avenue to the west side of NE 143rd Avenue.  The balance of the neighborhood to its eastern boundary is served by the Reynolds School District. The individual K-12 schools which specifically serve the Argay Terrace Neighborhood are listed below the District Boundary Map and District information.

District Boundaries within Argay Terrace

Northeast 143rd Avenue forms the Boundary Line between the Parkrose and Reynolds School Districts.

The Green Marker indicates the location of Shaver Elementary School

Parkrose School District

Located in NE Portland, Parkrose School District has served the community for over a century. Our district is made up of four Elementary Schools, one Middle School and one High School. We serve about 3,400 students in our K-12 schools. From our passion to educate to our commitment to help support local businesses and organizations, Parkrose is closely tied to and helps define the community it’s within. It is our mission to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. Find out more about Parkrose and its affinity for the people that distinguishes it at:

Shaver Elementary: 3701 NE 131st Place, Portland Oregon, 97230 / Phone: 503-408-2850

Parkrose Middle School: 11800 NE Shaver Street, Portland Oregon, 97220 / Phone: 503-408-2900

Parkrose High School: 12003 NE Shaver Street, Portland Oregon, 97220 / Phone 503-408-2600

Reynolds School District

Students who live in the Argay neighborhood attend Margaret Scott Elementary, HB Lee Middle and Reynolds High Schools. In addition, to neighborhood schools we have a number of programs, such as: Reynolds Learning Academy – small high school which offers The Trades, pre-apprenticeship and Multnomah Youth Cooperative, an environmental education programming; and ACE and CAL charter schools for juniors and seniors. For more information see our website:

Margaret Scott Elementary: 14700 NE Sacramento Street, Portland, OR 97230 / Phone:  (503) 255-2031

H. B. Lee Middle School:  1121 NE 172nd Avenue, Portland Oregon, 97060 / (503) 255-5686

Reynolds High School:  1698 SW Cherry Park Road, Troutdale Oregon97060 / Phone: 503-667-3186

*Information provided by the respective school districts*