What is the Argay Terrace Neighborhood Association?

The Argay Terrace Neighborhood Association is one of 95 neighborhood associations in the City of Portland, organized under the City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI).  Technically, we are a registered, non-profit corporation, incorporated under the laws of the State of Oregon, managed by a Board of Directors, according to the terms of a set of member approved Bylaws, for the benefit of our listed members.  Under Oregon law, residents or property and businesses located within our geographic boundaries may become members but are not automatically members, nor can anyone be required to join.

The Association acts as the voice of the residents of our neighborhood to the City of Portland.  It is a two-way conversation where we communicate to our residents what the city wants to do and our residents get to say what they do or do not want done.  Based on membership votes or Board votes, the Association will take a position, give testimony at hearings, and write advisory letters to the city on various issues.  We also work to help coordinate comments and input to various city agencies and leaders from Argay Terrace residents.  At times, residents may bring issues of concern or suggestions for neighborhood improvements to the Association and we can help organize and coordinate neighbors to work together on those projects.

We work for city sponsored improvements and projects, support or oppose changes in traffic patterns, new development and zoning, safety issues, parks, and also sponsor community events.  In our case, we also work with a network of committees which includes 12 other neighborhood associations in the Outer East Portland area, providing input backed by the weight of tens of thousands of area residents, to city administrators and decision makers.

The Association also sponsors neighborhood events meant to bring neighbors together and provide a service to our community.  On-going annual events currently held include our annual Neighborhood Clean-up held in late Spring and our Neighborhood (Garage) Sale held in mid-Summer.  Both events are well supported with strong participation from the neighborhood.

Membership is Voluntary.  Any resident, property owner, or business located within the boundaries of the neighborhood has the right to join.  Whether you rent or own, if you are 18 or over, you qualify for membership and we encourage you to join.  There are no fees or charges of any kind.  To join, sign up at a meeting or send a request to argayevents@gmail.com. Even if you do not want to join, you can still get our email notices by sending us a request.  Our email list is never shared or used by others.  

Keep Updated. Updates and events are posted on this website: Argayterrace.org.  Occasionally notices and articles on Argay Terrace are published in East Portland’s neighborhood monthly, the Mid-county Memo.  From time to time updates and special notices are distributed to those on our email list.

Meetings are Held Throughout the Year. Meeting notices are posted on this website.  We also email meeting notices to those on our email list. Our meeting signs are posted at designated major traffic points in the neighborhood a week before the meeting date.  Both General Membership and Board Meetings are open to the public.

Our Goal:  Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for all Argay Terrace residents and to protect our neighborhood from influences which would damage the safety and livability of our neighborhood.  To achieve that goal, we encourage neighbors to stay informed about their neighborhood and to participate in neighborhood and Association activities.  We are only as strong as our members; Argay Terrace residents who take an active role in protecting and improving their neighborhood.