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Argay Terrace has two Portland City parks, or more correctly one long completed park (Argay Park) and one soon to be completed major City park (Luuwit View Park).

Argay Park is located in the northeast corner of the neighborhood on the east side of NE 141st Avenue at NE Shaver Street (just south of NE Sandy Blvd).  Established early in the development of Argay Terrace, the 8.85 acre park includes a softball diamond, soccer field, basketball courts, sports court area (under re-development), picnic area, children’s play area, open space, and an off-leash dog park.  Argay Terrace volunteers, Clare and Sharon Mershon, Jane Roffey Berry, Jan Cornelius, and Joe Stroud plant and maintain an annual flower garden at the park’s entrance.

Luuwit View Park (Formally Beech Park) is located in the southwest corner of the neighborhood between NE Fremont Street and NE Shaver Street in the vicinity of NE 126th Avenue and bordering the west side of Shaver Elementary School.  Planned since 1965 and finally being realized, the 15.7 acre park has an unusual “hour-glass” shape and will include a soccer field, basketball court, community garden, picnic area, children’s play area with water feature, open space, a walking trail looping the park, two covered shelters, restrooms, and an off leash dog area.  

The Argay Terrace Neighborhood Association, through its Parks Committee, advocates for park development and improvement.  Luuwit View Park (Formerly Beech Park) development was a joint effort of Portland Parks and ATNA.  Working with advisory committees of area residents and a neighborhood hearings process, a Master Plan was developed over several years and serves as the basis for the new park.  

The park is officially open! Please take a stroll down to Argay's BRAND NEW park! Photos and more park information coming soon!