Argay Terrace

Argay Terrace, Portland, Oregon, 97230


Welcome to Argay Terrace

Welcome to Argay Terrace and the Argay Terrace Neighborhood Association website.  We are a community of over 6,000 people living in over 2,300 households, located in suburban northeast Portland.  Our geographic boundaries are: NE 122nd Avenue on the west, NE 148th Avenue on the east, the I-84 (Banfield) Freeway on the south, and NE Sandy Boulevard on the north.  
Originally conceived of by Art Simonson and Gerhardt (Gay) Stabney (the “Ar” and “Gay” of Argay) almost 60 years ago as a “move-up” suburban family neighborhood alternative to Portland’s congested inner-city, Argay Terrace built out as planned with larger, better quality homes on large lots spread out over the gently sloping terrain that gave the area an open feeling and many of its homes stunning views of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens. Homes are typical of the style called “Mid-Century Modern” with a mix of one story ranches (most with basements or daylight basements), split entry, split level, and even some modern two story colonials.  
Argay Terrace’s curving streets and cul-de-sacs do not directly inter-connect in the traditional Portland grid pattern and connections to main arterials are limited, keeping traffic to a minimum.  This makes our neighborhood great for walking, running, and biking.  K-12 schools and public parks are within walking distance of most homes.  Commercial and apartment development is limited to a narrow band along the bordering arterial streets.  Most people move to Argay Terrace because it will be a great neighborhood in which to raise a family and stay long after they become empty nesters just because it is a great neighborhood in which to live. 
If you already live in Argay Terrace, you know all of this.  If you are not already a member of our community, come take a look.  In either case, take a tour through the Argay Terrace Neighborhood Association website and see what we have done and are currently doing to make our community an even better place to call home.

If you're new to the neighborhood or interested in living in Argay Terrace, contact a member of our welcome committee:

Katie Beymer:         503-807-9284
Lillian Erwin:
Valenka Speer: